Movie Posts

Scroll over the drop-down menu above to browse my various essays on film! Here is what they all mean…

My “Movie Reviews” are just that, reviews of various films that I watch, mostly new titles. Any title that was been out for awhile, I will review it as a “Rewind Review”! The border color surrounding the review depends on if I recommend the film or not, ranging from red (no) to gold (must-watch).

My “Movie Questions” are open-ended thought pieces regarding films, film production, and other aspects of filmmaking and film watching. These are posted once every Monday.

My “Movie Fights” are essays in which I compare and contrast two movies, franchises, or idea about film, and then pick one as my favorite. These are posted once every Wednesday.

My “Top 5 Fridays” are top five countdowns celebrating a certain actor, director, genre, theme, etc. and it usually chosen based off of what movies are being released at the theater in that respective week. These are posted once every Friday.

My “Movie Analyses” are longer essays in which I take an in-depth look at a film, or a group of related films and study them, pull them apart, and analyze them closely. Honestly, these are usually essays that I’ve written for college courses, but I think they’re good enough to share on here as well!

My “Best/Worst of…” are short blurbs on the best film I watched during the week, top six of the month, and my top and bottom 10 of the year!

Thank you for taking the time to read about my projects, and I hope you enjoy reading the essays that I love writing!