The Crazy Story from Instagram

Hey everyone! So a lot of weird drama has been doing on recently and this blog post is the transparent disclosure that explains it all. “Enjoy,” I guess!


In January, I received a call from my ex’s boyfriend who wanted simply to threaten and scare me. After many texts between the two of us over a couple of hours, he finally gave up, and I published a website with all of the voice mail and texting threats he left. It was a lot of fun. 

Well, being the lucky gent that I am, the interwebs have blessed me with another hilarious story to tell!

I suppose an appropriate analogy to draw between my little debates is to the first two movies in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. In the first film, the antagonist relies on fear to attack the hero while in the second, the antagonist has no real reason except just that he wants to cause pain; these two villains describe the two imbeciles I’ve encountered pretty well. There you have it… I’m Batman (shhhhhh). Without further ado, let’s see what this Joker has for us.

(These are from Instagram. I made myself blue and I made the other guy red, because why not? Things that I’m adding myself while creating this site will be in italics. This is not meant to harm or shame anybody, this is meant to bring awareness to the bullies on Instagram who pick on the little guys expecting to get away with it. This is why I’ve chosen to replace his account name with XXXXX so that nobody can attack him for what he’s done. Forgiveness and optimism are great qualities to have. Warning: some comments by XXXXX are full of harsh language, slurs and disrespectful attacks that may upset some readers.)


On Monday July 24, I posted my weekly “Best of the Week” post in which I share my favorite movie watched over the past seven days…

  • thecinemaelite I hate to be the basic cinephile who praises #TheDarkKnight and #ChristopherNolan above all others… but recognition is definitely earned with this film and I’m not sorry:) Nine years on and it still remains one of the most thrilling, enjoyable, emotional, impressive and unique films I’ve seen in my life. Being an enormous fan of Batman, comic book films and nerd culture in general, I almost always enjoy superhero films but this is not just a superhero film. The Dark Knight is a genre of it’s own, one that takes the absolute best parts of every genre and redefines them in it’s own masterful way. “Redefines” might not be the best word, “perfects” sounds a little better, and that’s what this film has done. Reach a level of cinema beyond superiority and excellence, but cinematic perfection in spectacle as well as story. If that’s not enough, go ahead and add “sound” to that little alliterative list. In all seriousness, this film is one of the best drama / thriller / crime / action / adventure / superhero / western? / romance / color films that I’ve ever seen for every reason listed, and every other reason in existence as well. Taking one’s eyes off the screen would be difficult enough as a Nolan Film, but with Heath Ledger, Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Aaron Eckhart, and Gary Oldman all turning in immaculate performances, Hans Zimmer delivering breathtaking symphonic orgasms scene after scene, and a story pace that floors it from the first scene to the last– this Film has become so much more than almost all others. Divinity seeps from every frame in this cinematic monument. 10/10 Have you seen this? What did you think about it? As always, thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon! #Movies #films #cinema #moviereview#cinephilecommunity #batman

July 25…

  • XXXXX_I saw it in Kubrick’s “The Killing”, especially “Heat” LOL obviously, I saw it in “The Town” later on as well. It is the most commercially over saturated film of the 21st century, even over “Titanic”. You cannot top Keaton whether it’s ’89 or ’92. Hans Zimmer is a ham to me. I agree to disagree on all cylinders. You think Maggie and Eckhart were prime choices? Eckhart is what ultimately brings Dark Knight down, “Begins” is one of the greatest as a stand alone of all-time. Many overlooked flaws. They should have gotten Michael Shannon as Two Face or return Tommy Lee Jones. Aaron is a disasterpiece. And Maggie? Maggie? That’s Bruce’s love interest lol?! I would have been happier with frog eyed Katie Holmes. @sutterkeely24 @cinemaniacs23 @goomba_bob_and_all_arts

At first, he seemed a little rough around the edges but still, with a strongly held opinion that I could respect. It wasn’t his thoughts, but his attitude that I thought was a little much.

  • goomba_bob_and_all_arts Nice tribute! For me it was the best of the trilogy. And certainly agree on Zimmer’s glorious score 🎼 Nice job!👏👍❤️🎥❤️🎶👌

Gotta take a moment to appreciate goomba bob, his comments are always nice to read and can brighten up a day for sure. Thanks for being awesome, my friend.

  • thecinemaelite @XXXXX_ lol alrighty, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much negativity towards such a beloved film. In Tommy Lee Jones’ portrayal of Two-Face he was trying to be Joker way too hard and it ruined the character, Eckhart brought what the role needed. Gyllenhaal played the role very well (by acting like Holmes) and I guess I’m sorry she’s not up to your standards as a love interest lol… “frog-eyed Katie Holmes”? That’s so bitter bro😂 and Keaton’s ham portrayal in 89/92 has been topped…twice now

  • XXXXX_@thecinemaelite ham lol…. the ham is dead 💀 Adam West. It’s beloved by that particularly vulnerable millennial audience lol. Eckhart was a blister, that can’t be denied. Not to mention Nolan’s disastrous decision to kill off Harvey within a few minutes of him flipping the “bad guy” switch. Your off your bird with Keaton. He supersedes Bale’s 🦇 on every level. You think he does a good job of Bruce Wayne? Sashaying around like a half baked Patrick Bateman, even attending “meeting” 😂 Keaton put the hammer down. He killed his enemies, roamed with a serial killer psyche as both Bruce and the Bat…. Danny Elfman? Elfman? Hans Zimmer is a silly German girl who likes to banging on kettle drums. I use Dark Knight as a default film to break stock tv 📺 speakers. Besides Ledgers “KILLER” literally performance, theirs nothing there. “Begins” gets shafted, it’s the dark horse. If you think Cillian Murphy isn’t as half as good as Ledger that’s nuts as well. Begins was a freakshow, and very scary. Like “The Temple Of Doom” of the entire Batman canon. Topped twice lolol… who Bennifer as well? That’s psychotic (Keaton voice) “Batman Returns” @cinemaniacs23

Those who know me know that I can respect an opinion as long as it’s delivered in a way that doesn’t exclude other opinions. Calling me crazy three times in one paragraph after making a post with nothing but love for a movie, I was starting to get a little curious as to what this guy’s intentions were. I’m not a guy who enjoys confrontation.

  • XXXXX @goomba_bob_and_all_arts lol Bob…. your bitter from the “Dunkirk” fallout.

  • thecinemaelite @XXXXX_ I’d try to deconstruct your argument but you’re just stating silly metaphors with no support… believe in a flat earth all you want but shouting nonsense won’t make it true lol. In all seriousness though, Nolan’s Batman isn’t a perfect Batman but neither is Burton’s for different reasons. I’d love to see Arkham Batman on screen and until I get that, Nolan’s is the best out there because it takes Batman much more seriously. Bruce Wayne died when his parents did and now he wears a mask, but his mask is the face of Bruce Wayne which he uses to act selfish and wild instead of the pragmatic genius that he really is (around Alfred, Fox and Rachel), and he is his true self as Batman and not Wayne which is an act. Keaton is an amazing actor, but his Wayne and his Batman were beyond cheesy and the conflicting tones that Burton filmed with clashed ridiculously, making both of his films mashups of weird scenes that don’t feel right together. “Begins” is an amazing film, too, I’m totally with you there (I would have liked to see mad scientist Scarecrow instead of mob-psychologist but I can wait until the next reincarnation)- I think that as a villain in BB, Scarecrow was great but definitely doesn’t compare to Joker at all, might as well compare Dooku to Vader lol

Check that out, a well thought-out and respectfully put stating of one’s opinion. I even make sure to agree with him and try to change the conversation to future Batman movies, but trolls will be trolls…

  • XXXXX_I’ll just leave “The Dark Knight Returns” live action idea via Keaton right here. Cheesy lol…. you think Bales voice disguised as Mercedes McCambridge 2.0 isn’t? The single greatest Batman moment is undoubtedly Keaton waiting around in his study 📖 waiting for the evil to arrive. Then boom 💥 the bat signal fires up and you know the 🦇 is coming from “Batman Returns”. Batman shouldn’t speak, kind of like Michael Myers. Bale couldn’t STFU. Then the score 🎼 Hans Zimmer provided was a cacophonous mess of percussion and keyboards 🎹 its message is one of pain, it’s as far from heroic as it gets. When “Descent Into Mystery” fires you damn well know somebody is COMING. There’s just no argument. And my comparisons to other key heist films, specifically “Heat” are every reason why “The Dark Knight” is what it is. That tactical, noir aesthetic was lifted right from Michael Mann. What movie is better “Heat” or “The Dark Knight” 😂 like comparing “Taxi Driver” to “Ride Along”. Superhero films have grave limitations, in the dark knights case, and with them all it’s the PG-13 schlacking and that they use shit actors. As a matter of fact I’m gonna toss up my top 5 superhero movies. Let’s see where it goes from there…. @cinemaniacs23 @sutterkeely24 @1978reject @thecinematicmind @movies4life17@alexgrahamfilmcollection @AnonymousUser1

  • AnonymousUser2 @XXXXX_ I disagree with the cinema elite a lot but I’m with him on this one. TDK is top 30.

  • thecinematicmind @XXXXX_ You are talking to somebody who considers Michael Keaton and Kevin Conroy as my favourite Batmans.

  • XXXXX_@thecinematicmind 🍻

  • XXXXX_@AnonymousUser2 top 30 of what? Lol. The greatest motion pictures of all-time?!

  • AnonymousUser2 @XXXXX no, my favorite films.

  • AnonymousUser2 @XXXXX_ I love Keaton, it’s not a Keaton Vs Bale type thing, I could just watch TDK over and over again.

  • AnonymousUser2 @goomba_bob_and_all_arts agree with you on this one 👍

  • the_amateur_criticThe Dark Knight I’m really happy for you Ima let you keep being the most praised comic book film out there, but Spider-Man 2 is the best superhero film of all time.

  • thecinemaelite @XXXXX Now that’s an argument that I can respect lol very well put, I can’t really argue with most of that 👍🏼 Bale’s voice was a little silly, but I get the need to disguise his voice since Bruce’s voice is so well known and he has to protect the people around him. And I think score-wise, the last scene with the Joker hanging upside down is probably my favorite soundtrack moment in all of the Batman films for sure

This was tough to write as I had to hold my tongue and be the mature one. Was his argument well put? No, but he did explain WHY he liked or disliked certain things, which I appreciated. Alas, he chose not to respond to this message… I wonder when he’ll respond next.

Flashback: On July 19th, I posted a Movie Fight of the week which I do every Wednesday to have users vote for which film they liked more (last week: The Prestige or Inception). After people comment, I pick my favorite response and allow that person to choose next week’s Movie Fight with their account featured on the image. My favorite comment…

@whatiwatchedtonight The Prestige. Bale and Jackman are electric (no pun…)

On July 20th, I DM’d that account (great account by the way, check it out):

@thecinemaelite lol! Definitely my favorite response to this question so far, do you want to choose next week’s Movie Fight and get a shoutout in the post?

@whatiwatchedtonight Thanks dude, love both but the Prestige wins out for me. Would love to, how about The Untouchables vs The Departed? Old school vs new school

July 24th:

@thecinemaelite *sends picture of the Movie Fight idea*

@thecinemaelite Gonna be posting this on Wednesday, great choices!

@whatiwatchedtonight Awesome, thanks again! Look forward to what people think…

As was I…as was I.


On July 26th, I posted the Untouchables/Departed Movie Fight

Later that day, back on The Dark Knight post

  • alexgrahamfilmcollectionI love ’em all 😀. The Burton films had the best Batmobile. Keaton was great and the Batman/Bruce Wayne that I grew up with. Both Kim Basinger and Michelle Pfeiffer were so hot, I don’t think Katie or Maggie compare. I’m also a massive Nolan and Bale fan. There were similarities with his Bruce Wayne to Patrick Bateman, but that’s not such a bad thing. I think it is easy to watch a film and think of cast improvements in retrospect, but it’s not so easy before the film is produced. I enjoyed the trilogy and think it is one of the best out there. Sure, it’s not perfect, but not many are and I never get bored watching it. 📀 🍿 🍻 🥃

  • thecinemaelite @alexgrahamfilmcollection there’s that positive and all-inclusive enjoyment ability that so many seem to lack😃 that’s awesome lol I didn’t grow up with the original Batman films so by the time I watched them at age 16, they didn’t resonate with the as they had for many other audience members so I turned back to the Bale films which have pretty much exclusively remained my “Batman” films for as long as I remember

    Notice how this last comment by me was directed to @alexgrahamfilmcollection. All I was thinking here was “finally! somebody who knows how to form a constructive argument.” I wish more people on here had your mentality

  • XXXXX @thecinemaelite the whole “all inclusive” enjoyment thing is hilarious. You along with the rest of the millennial 🌎 enjoy this picture psychotically lol… you don’t have to think. It’s just a slideshow of deafening drums and rehashes of much better heist films. That’s all TDK is at the cord. I would say “Weekend At Bernies” is about a dozen “Dark Knights”. Now that is a re watchable default classic that will not break my speakers 👌 Not growing up with the Burton era, but you also have to have taste. The “growing up”. I didn’t grow up with 99.9% of the movies I own. I don’t know where that’s coming from lol. May God have mercy on the world 🌎 with the next reincarnation of the bat because quite frankly I’m ready for him to die. Along with Superman and them all mawhahahahahahaha

I was having a great conversation about Batman films with Alex Graham, both of us happily sharing our different opinions with insightful support when a wild XXXXX appears and decides to attack me out of nowhere. I can’t have that kind of negativity on my page as I try to welcome all opinions and great discussion. By shutting people down, he’s ruining the experience other people are having on my account. Never start a fight, always finish one.

Around 11pm that night, I received a DM from @AnonymousUser1…, sending screenshots of his story in which he made a PSA for his followers…

  • AnonymousUser1 @XXXXX_ was trashing my friend @AnonymousUser2 and another cool account @thecinemaelite. The whole conversation is ridiculous. As is @XXXXX_to the point where he made a post trashing @AnonymousUser2 and @thecinemaelite. There is just so much drama for a cinephile community on Instagram.

  • AnonymousUser1 Go give your support on @AnonymousUser2’s post about this. And give your support to @thecinemaelite. We don’t need this crap going on, on here.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, what AnonymousUser1 is talking about here is that XXXXX posted a video of Tim Burton’s Batman (1989) and called out AnonymousUser2 and myself to draw attention to our favoritism of The Dark Knight, “shaming” us to all of his followers. Yes, this guy personally attacked my friend and myself for our opinion on this film; if he didn’t take the post down later, what if his followers tried to attack us as well?

  • thecinemaelite Wait for it, I’m gonna hit him with a harsh comment in like 30 seconds on my Dark Knight Post

  • AnonymousUser1 Ok. I’m trying to help you guys. Just want you to know

  • thecinemaelite For sure, thanks a bunch I appreciate it. We definitely don’t need his mean comments on every post he doesn’t agree with

To get warmed up, I commented on XXXXXs defaming Batman Post…

Unfortunately, it’s time to get my hands dirty…

  • thecinemaelite @XXXXX_ now you’re just being a worthless argumentative little troll😂 All you can do is insult and you have absolutely nothing to say. And you’re definitely older than I am because you’re so bitter towards literally everything and mad at the world. A real movie fan might even have speakers that can handle a soundtrack. Because of what I like, I don’t have taste and an “all inclusive enjoyment thing” is a millennial trait? Did somebody have a lonely and excluded childhood? I’m sure you live a sad and pointless life and that’s why you have to point fingers at everybody else so that nobody can see how pathetic you are. You’re whole “everybody else besides me is wrong” routine is already old; if everybody else is an asshole, that means you’re probably the asshole. See? It’s not hard to throw around insults, anybody can do it. Having a mature conversation, now that’s something else. Stop being so mean to everybody, you’re going to get blocked by many people who share the same hobbies and interests as you do. Try better next time bud, we’re sick of your outlook and attitude

  • AnonymousUser2^

    I attempted the whole “taste of one’s own medicine” routine because respectful logic wasn’t working with this guy. PSA: Being an asshole is never cool; see how mean I look here? Saying things like this hurts me more than my target, I don’t like this kind of behavior at all but standing up for my followers is what matters most. He doesn’t know that this is how others see him ALL of the time. Either way, I’m done with all that hateful shit. Let’s see if it works.

AnonymousUser2 DM’s me….

So far, no response. The sky is looking clearer already! Has the evil been banished from this valley?

Let’s return to the DM’s with AnonymousUser1….

  • AnonymousUser1 Hey I just want to say I really like your account. Been following for a while. I got your back anytime

  • thecinemaelite Thanks dude, you have a really great page yourself. I hope not too many people try to attack others the way he’s been doing but I can usually shut em up pretty quick

  • AnonymousUser1 He’s messaging me now!

  • thecinemaelite What’s he saying?

We’ll come back to this, to build suspense…maybe the evil is still here after all.

But first, back to the AnonymousUser2 DM’s

Let’s find out what XXXXX was messaging AnonymousUser1

XXXXX responds to AnonymousUser1’s story, which read: “@XXXXX_ was trashing my friend @AnonymousUser2 and another cool account @thecinemaelite. The whole conversation is ridiculous. As is @XXXXX_to the point where he made a post trashing @AnonymousUser2 and @thecinemaelite. There is just so much drama for a cinephile community on Instagram.”

  • XXXXX Pun intended. No harm, just busting chops of snobs.

  • AnonymousUser1 What?

  • XXXXX AnonymousUser2 and Elite well they get a little wild with their pretentiousness. Dishing can’t take the heat. Elite called me out personally lol…shouldn’t be taken as wrist cutting material

*Studio audience laughs*

  • AnonymousUser1 Well you’re still being a jerk to them and we don’t need that here.

  • XXXXX It’s humor

  • XXXXX Taking it seriously is the jerky part

*Studio audience laughs*

  • XXXXX I’m not responding to the counterattacks lol… it’s over. Just keeping instaham in check

Thank gosh for our glorious leader XXXXX, who keeps us in check by bullying.

  • XXXXX Keep tab of AnonymousUser2s followers vs following lol

  • XXXXX That’s an insult to the cinephile community. That’s what I detest

Wait, what? I was on Instagram when the cinephile community began in August 2014 (as TheCinemaMan), where is there a rule listed about follower/following counts?

  • XXXXX Again. It’s over. Busting chops

  • XXXXX As a matter of fact I’ll take down the story feed

Now I’m downright puzzled.

  • AnonymousUser1 Hey he’s my friend. Don’t talk that way about him. He’s a really nice guy. He has a great account

  • XXXXX Never said he wasent. Just saying the snobbery is apparent

When have I stated my opinion like a snob? Knowing how to spell and what traits I appreciate in a film is a “snob”? This dude is a bully.

  • AnonymousUser1 You just said he’s an insult to the community. He’s one of the best accounts on here

  • thecinemaelite Lol idk what he’s talking about, so many people complain about him and he thinks he’s 100% right and just

  • XXXXX I don’t like people that insist that less is more sashaying with their “followers” like their Christ lol

  • XXXXX I’d follow 60K people

  • XXXXX That’s what bothers people the most on here
  • XXXXX Childish. I’m childish joking around with a bunch of teenagers tonight. There’s the humor…

  • AnonymousUser1 I’m done with him

  • AnonymousUser1 Although I’m scared he say something bad about me. He has so many followers! They’ll all unfollow me!

  • thecinemaelite Nah if he tries any of that he’s going down for sure, nobody respects somebody mean like that

  • AnonymousUser1 Yeah. I’m just nervous

This turned from a debate to a fight after he insulted my followers, and I’m not going to let him make others nervous for his silly ideals. Hopefully this will be over soon…


Back to The Dark Knight post…

  • thecinemaelite @XXXXX_ I put up with your argumentative opinions without throwing a single insult until you started all of this for literally no good reason at all. I called you out personally for a few reasons 1) it was in response to you calling me out as some millennial infant, so don’t act like you’re just or right in any way. 2) a good dozen accounts are all complaining about your shitty attitude because 3) you posted a video that called me and AnonymousUser2 out personally, trying to insult us or something? Now that’s ham. And it’s not a bunch of teenagers you’re fighting with tonight, it’s a few teenagers maybe (I have no idea how old the others are) and 22 year old guy with Film/English majors with Creative Writing/Psychology minors; I’ll let you guess which one that is. You act like you’re some important person here, raining on parades and starting arguments for shits and giggles. What you’re doing annoys and infuriates quite few people and it’s time to stop

Well, I still have like 2 or so semesters left but hey, all good stories deserve embellishment and this guy’s ego needs stomping.

Let’s return to the DM’s with AnonymousUser1, again…

  • AnonymousUser1 I worked hard to just get where I am and I don’t want him to ruin it for me

  • thecinemaelite There’s nothing he could do and if he tries to do anything, we have so much proof that he’s been acting terribly so we’ll have him beat

  • AnonymousUser1 Ok. Good. Thanks. Like I said I love your account so keep up the great work

  • thecinemaelite Thanks again, we won’t let anything happen to your followers because of this dude

  • AnonymousUser1 Thanks!

Now back to AnonymousUser2‘s DM’s…

  • AnonymousUser2 You know AnonymousUser1?

  • thecinemaelite Yeah messaging him/her now

  • AnonymousUser2 Him

  • AnonymousUser2 Yeh

  • AnonymousUser2 XXXXX was dissing us in the dm and calling us pretentious

  • AnonymousUser2 *screenshot of “pretentious” DM with people “sashaying with followers”*

  • AnonymousUser2 Wow he has a life. That’s a you problem

  • thecinemaelite Yeah I read all that, I don’t get how he thinks he’s above everybody

  • thecinemaelite I think the just recently learned the word “sashay” because he’s used it multiple times now to describe people he doesn’t like

  • AnonymousUser2 Just lmk if he says something

  • thecinemaelite For sure, I doubt he will though be he think’s we’re not worth his time

  • AnonymousUser2 Nah, he likes it. He can talk down to us behind a screen because in reality he’s treated like shit by everyone who physically knows him. Just let him ramble, it makes him feel important

How about we return to The Dark Knight post to see what XXXXX finally has to say…

By being an annoying and argumentative bully?

  • thecinemaelite @XXXXX_ Why do you think we come onto Instagram to talk movies with people? Nobody acts like a wallflower here because we never make them feel like one; this community accepts and respects it’s members, welcoming every opinion without shaming. You seem to be the only wallflower around as everybody else has found a home here with movies and friends. You do you, but stop trying to bring us down with you

  • XXXXX_@thecinemaelite nobody is bringing anybody down. Your reducing yourself to ashes by attacking a mans personal life. Theirs no bitterness, it’s called levity and busting chops. Feed your head, and look beyond the keyboard from time to time.

  • XXXXX_@thecinemaelite it’s a lesson learned in time. Your ruminating about a 26 year old mans personal history on a public platform. That to say, a younger person would act perhaps in a mass shooting or suicide. Simmer down, your making a few comments about entertainment resulting in you furiously talking about a mans shoes that if you walked in you hair would be either gone or grey. My hair is in fact gone. You do the math 🤝 Shine On ☀️

Personal history? Does that mean I was right about his childhood? Wow, psych studies have done me well.

  • thecinemaelite @XXXXX none of this stupid banter would have occurred if you knew how to disagree without being an asshole to everybody else, it’s that simple. You make people here very unhappy, and I’m trying to make sure you drop the bully act around us. Act your age

I click on his name, but I go to his page and he has no posts. You know what that means…

Lastly, back to the AnonymousUser2 DM’s

  • thecinemaelite He blocked me lol I think my more cerebral approach to the argument embarrassed him


  • thecinemaelite He commented “you’re among wallflowers here. Act like one” so I commented back and that’s when he dipped

  • AnonymousUser2 Idiot

  • AnonymousUser2 At least you don’t have to deal with him

  • thecinemaelite I mean I kinda like toying with him haha there’s no argument he could win because he’s just throwing around insults

  • AnonymousUser2 Exactly

Because of all this fun stuff, I felt inspired to make a post thanking the great people on Instagram for the home we’ve made for ourselves….

  • thecinemaelite *Image that says “THIS MOVIE COMMUNITY IS GREAT”*

  • thecinemaelite Hey everyone! I thought I’d just make a little post about this little movie community we have here. I think it’s nice to have a place where we can talk to people with many of the same interests, as that can be hard to find in many places. We share, praise, debate, announce, compete, vote, list, and discuss types of entertainment all day long, which is awesome. Many of us here are the wallflower type, and many of us here have found a place where we don’t have to feel like a wallflower. Everybody here accepts and respects every other member, welcoming all opinions without shaming them. Sometimes, people come along here who don’t share this friendly ideal (something @AnonymousUser1, @AnonymousUser2, a few others and I witnessed today), but don’t let them bother you. They’re welcome here if they aren’t assholes, but we stick together if they are. This Community is great. So, short and sweet but just a thank you for this cool experience and I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do #movies #films#cinema #moviereview#cinephilecommunity #blockedbyadingus

  • AnonymousUser2 Great post. I commented on one of his posts, called a truce. Hopefully he can accept that. If not, I won’t lose any sleep over it.

  • AnonymousUser1 Great post. I agree!

  • This is a really awesome post

  • the_amateur_critic 👍🏻

  • moviesmaniac Awwwww ❤️

  • Awesome post! I agree on all of your points.

  • augieonmovies Awesome post! Completely agree, I love being a part of the cinephile community, it’s done wonders for me

  • movieworld79._Amazing post. Love the community. Its nice to see that there are more people that value the same interests you do

It’s easy to hate but it’s easier to love. Be nice to those around you; make too many enemies and you’ll be outnumbered.


I’m not sure if this is a Part II tease or just a silly Post Credit Scene but here…

A new comment on my “This Community is Great” post…

  • robert_blake_kinski_1984_This experiment was all intentional for a series we’re doing to expose “gang mentality” on social media. @XXXXX is one of the most prominent younger film critics in NY and the other half of the Staten Island Cinephile Podcast on WSIA 88.9FM. We are considering using the hateful and very dangerous comments used against my partner on our Podcast on 8/25. You gentleman need to find a better outlet to vent, rather than grossly attacking a 26 year old mans personal life over motion pictures. A truly chilling day for us here at the WSIA. We realize if this was a younger more vulnerable and naive person it could have resulted in self harm or suicide. The suicide hotline is 1-800-273-8255. May peace be with you, sincerely administrator Charles Aber. @thecinemaelite @AnonymousUser2 @the_amateur_critic

  • thecinemaelite @robert_blake_kinski_1984_ Bullying people online to incite public outrage? XXXXX was harassing and shaming my followers and friends, he’s lucky I held my tongue. Say whatever you want, I wonder how this bully act will make your radio station look

  • thecinemaelite @robert_blake_kinski_1984_ and users on here say he’s been a problem for quite some time, so you’re “experiment” excuse has holes in it already

A new post from AnonymousUser2 summarizes this whole mess…

  • AnonymousUser2 ADDRESSING A PROBLEM (to whom it may concern) Earlier this week, an account who I think very highly of (@thecinemaelite) made a post on The Dark Knight, and an account who will go unnamed, started dissing the post basically stating that Keaton is better, The Dark Knight is overrated, blah blah. Now, maybe this is true, but the way he went about it ticked me off. “Hans Zimmer is a silly little German girl who likes banging on kettle drums!” Shit like that…”You along with the rest of the millennial world enjoy this picture psychotically.” He’s basically just being a douche because younger audiences like TDK, he’s being a bully. Then he throws up a story of something on fire stating that this is how he feels when someone mentions TDK or The Departed…okay, good for you. Then he takes it a step further and does a post of Keaton or whatever tagging me and Cinema Elite stating that it “is time of a millennial smackdown, let the (something) wash over the uninitiated.” I’m just not sure what he’s trying to accomplish. Him and CE dish it out a little longer but I stay out of it. I only butted in to say that TDK was in my Top 30. My buddy throws up a story saying that this shouldn’t be going on in the cinephile community and I agree, the guy replies and calls me pretentious or whatever lol. So that’s that, I figure it was over. Comments👇

  • AnonymousUser2 @thecinemaelite does a post on the community clearing up what happened, and I see a comment on there…go look at the comment…you won’t believe how absurd it is! This whole little argument was an experiment and they’re going to be using our “hateful comments” on their podcast because motion picture debates can apparently drive someone to mass shootings or suicide? What? He was the antagonist in this situation and it’s as if they’re trying to flip the switch. I won’t have it. Anyway, hopefully this clears some shit up for you guys, feel free to ask questions or read the argument yourself. Chao.

  • _mr_pop_culture_Man that’s some stupid ass shit. All of it

  • AnonymousUser2 @_mr_pop_culture_exactly!

  • lotzofmovies Dude, the film community stands right behind you! If anything here is pretentious, it’s this so called experiment.

  • AnonymousUser2 @lotzofmovies thanks

  • movie_fan_2003 Yeah he replied to my story before I was able to block him. I thought he was a pretty decent guy before all this. Funny how opinions can change just like that. And it bugs me when he trashes other members of the community to me.

  • filmopinionslol why do people think their opinion is so important and that they’re the only ones who can be right

Thanks to the other people who have been mocked, shamed, harrassed or otherwise bullied by XXXXX, here is more evidence of him treating people poorly in the cinephile community, posted by The (great) Amateur Critic on May 4th.

  • the_amateur_criticHacksaw Ridge(2016)
    Review after 3rd rewatch (I wrote this a few days ago on Letterboxd but I wanted to share with you guys how I feel about Hacksaw Ridge after re-visiting it.)
    When I first saw this I was very satisfied and would’ve given it four and half stars, but after 2 re-watches all I can think about is how the fuck this film got a 10 minute standing ovation? The only pros I can List are the Garfield is good as usual and Gibson directs the shit out of some of the action sequences, besides that it was a pretty shitty film. First of all who’s idea was it to start casting Vince Vaughn in dramatic roles? I’ve heard a lot of people talk about how good he was in this, and I shit you not I saw some somebody on Instagram say his performance in Hacksaw was better than Ermys in FMJ. There’s also this one character who’s pretty fucking shell shocked and if the meaning of his character was just to say cringey stupid lines I’d give him an oscar, but… that’s wasn’t the intention so yeah More shit. Also the repetitive slow-mo flamethrower shots got old after about 5 seconds, and although most people wouldn’t mind this (I’m not most people) there’s this one should that’s used about 5 times in the last 10 minutes and it has the camera mounted on a BAR and somehow there’s 0 recoil when shooting a BAR which is completely unrealistic. Over all this film was nothing new or special, as one can tell from the multiple jump scares and over dramatic and rushed ending, but it was for the most part entertaining so I didn’t hate it.

    Rating: 6.4/10One last thing when the shell shocked guy who I mentioned earlier says “Oh but they can.” Which in the movie is supposed to be spooky, I literally fell off my couch laughing because it was so cringy and dumb.
    #hacksawridge #melgibson#andrewgarfield
  • nightofthelivingsethMy first viewing: 9/10, My Second Viewing: 4/10
  • XXXXX I can tell you it’s about 10x better than Spielberg’s sentimental “Saving Private Damon” horseshit. Now that cast is a freakshow 👍 not only do I like it better, the action sequences are arguably the greatest of ANY WWII picture in HISTORY and some of the most realistic carnage I’ve ever seen. Your getting a little petty with the BAR camera, come on man. It’s MEL being MEL. He’s back and as unhinged as ever!
  • XXXXX It’s Mel Gibson not Michael Mann. In the year of America’s 🇺🇸 comeback we couldn’t have used a better motivator. That’s why it was indefinitely my pick for best picture. Even over “La La Land”. We need adult pictures again, R-RATED is back with a vengeance. Amen 🙏
  • the_amateur_criticThe camera doesn’t necessarily effect the quality of the film for me, but for some reason it just annoyed me especially because it was used multiple times @XXXXX
  • filmfan95I certainly understand every complaint you have about this movie, and totally respect them. This movie just impacted me on such an emotion level the way only a handful of movies have, I’m not exaggerating either just barely a handful. Andrew Garfield in this movie is absolutely incredible and as ecstatic as I was that Casey Affleck won I really think Andrew Garfield deserved that Oscar. I must admit though I do think Vince Vaughn was good in this movie and finally doing something besides playing some kind of version himself, he is in no way better than R. Lee Ermey. It is cheesy in the first half, but I feel it’s intentional to make the contrast between regular life and war even more drastic. If the first half had overly dark tone (think BvS: DoJ) then the war scenes wouldn’t really shock you, would they?
  • drive2009👍👍
  • XXXXX_@solarpowered_milkduds it was in the poetic spirit of what I believe to be the finest war film in existence “The Thin Red Line”. Not quite that good. It combined the brutality of PVT. Damon w/Thin Red. It’s a triumph on all cylinders. Vince Vaughn delivered far beyond what I thought was even possible. Is he Ermey? 😂 not even fucking close. Is he imitating him with humor and respect, YES. It’s essentially two completely different films. The first half is more competent Spielberg sentimentality/the second half is balls to the wall carnage, mind you I saw this on Veterans Day w/ the Dolby atmos pumping 🔊. PVT RYAN? I wouldn’t risk my platoon for a half baked piece of shit that is Matt Damon. Personal politics aside, he’s one of the worst actors in history. It’s called LUCK. Casey Affleck is about a dozen Damons. Spielberg had all that money and power, you end up with Vin Diesel, Matt Damon, and Tom Hanks 😂 completely out of his goddamn element. I would have much rather seen Paul Giamatti who has a bizarre 3 minute cameo lead the men to save that fag. Let’s not forget “Saving Private Ryan” did not win best picture, “Shakespeare In Love” did LOL @the_amateur_critic
  • XXXXX@the_amateur_critic I’d rather have Mel’s camerawork over 99% of the suedo modern directors. Probably with the exception of Paul Thomas Anderson.
  • ch1cbDecent movie but vince vaughn was pretty bad in it lets not kid ourselves.
  • XXXXX_@solarpowered_milkduds 👍Godspeed . Enjoy the KOOLAID
  • XXXXX_@solarpowered_milkduds I don’t like queens that act tough on screen then knock the 2nd amendment. If God made a pussy, it’s Matt Damon. “Good Will Hunting” 😂 a 5 year old could have crafted that script. Stop the press a janitor that’s good at math 🤔 his finest hour is “The Talented Mr. Ripley”. It fits him well, he’s a queen in it 😁
  • XXXXX_@the_media_chillateria_007_ typos? Looking real close huh. Ahhh your the classic generic grammar Nazi huh? Do civilization a favor, don’t talk about Matt Damon. I’m calling the Instagram FBI unit.
  • XXXXX_@sutterkeely24 👆
  • XXXXX_@solarpowered_milkduds I’m not even going to try to understand what you are. Sheesh, Tom Hardy as your profile pic. Chills…… when you see the big boy movies you can talk honey.
  • XXXXX_@solarpowered_milkduds kid 😂 your talking to a man sweetpea. Kid….. wow a textbook 📚 intellect. That’ll get ya deep 👍 you should delete your page until your old enough to order a drink ham head.
  • XXXXX_@solarpowered_milkduds and Matt Damon was Liberace’s twink. Rent “Beyond The Candelabra”. Can see Jason Bourne when he’s not ACTING tough ☀️
  • XXXXX_@solarpowered_milkduds MAJESTIC. time you’ll never get back ranting about Matt Damon @12am😂 tick tock tock tick tock. fire up your PowerPoint presentations for next semester KID 🤝
  • XXXXX_@solarpowered_milkduds if I would have known you were a millennial I would have accommodated your feelings 😘
  • hakgwaii👌🏾
  • erik_chomkoFuck ermy Vince Vaughn is GOAT
  • the_amateur_criticBoy👋🏻 you’re giving me a headache @erik_chomko
  • cinemasoundsfancy1/4
  • timothyalfredsumadiI felt the exact same thing when i first saw it. I think people and critics like ut because it shows some sort of american patriotism and it has one of those moments that gives you goosebumps but those things didn’t save this film from suffering mediocrity

This can’t really be called an experiment anymore, can it? He’s been spewing hatred for months. It has to stop.

Another comment on my “Community is Great” post:

XXXXX_@thecinemaelite WSIA does not hold its tongue back. That’s why it’s the highest rated podcast on Staten Island. Keep yourself in check, always be mindful, remember you don’t really know anybody on social media. If talking about filmmaking causes such detriment to your psyche then maybe you should take a leave from Instagram. Vivid, clashing arguments are what makes movie discussion pop. Personally attacking somebody’s background is a different story. My co-partner @XXXXX life story would turn your hair grey. Before you judge anybody, which is a disgrace to humanity, take a moment to realize why social media exists in the first place. Everybody has a BIG problem with actual human interaction,that’s the collapse of the 21st century. Including you apparently. In the case of my best friend and now some 7+ year long podcast partner, his girlfriend was left for dead, beaten to a pulp and robbed. As I said, “Think” before you spew filth behind a keyboard. Entertainment is one thing, attacking a persons history is volatile and dangerous. Erik would have liked to comment, he was too busy making movies 🎥 -Charles Aber

Personal tragedy does not make bullying okay…if we all held on to everything that has happened to us, the world would be so bitter. Oh dear this is the silliest half-baked excuse for idiocracy and hypocrisy I’ve ever seen. Where the hell did I talk about this guy’s personal life and background? This?!

Did somebody have a lonely and excluded childhood? I’m sure you live a sad and pointless life and that’s why you have to point fingers at everybody else so that nobody can see how pathetic you are.

The first part of that quote is a question and the second is an assumption lol these people are ridiculous.

But wait, there’s more! Still on my post that exudes love while this guy spews his hate….

  • robert_blake_kinski_1984_@thecinemaelite truly haunting material on the continuation of man vs machine. Meaning you I’ve used this terribly orchestrated webpage and blog and copied it in droves to spread along the NY Emerald Gazette. I’m happy I came into the studio today. This is like “Talk Radio” by Oliver Stone. The other person on the line is a sociopath, as far enough to stretch his keyboard into a private webpage to continue fighting over “The Departed” & “The Dark Knight”. We’re all at a loss here at WSIA, Schwartz? I’m sorry but I’m going to have to have your page flagged thru Instagram OSS. It’s a private network for radio stations. Kind of like HR, Human Resources for Instagram. -Charles Aber
  • thecinemaelite@robert_blake_kinski_1984_ go for it, everything that has been written is up on the internet and I have nothing to hide. I’m happy you came into the studio too, big shot. You’re bully of a friend just terrorizes others and you expect him to just waltz away without a comeback
  • thecinemaelite@robert_blake_kinski_1984_ tell me exactly what it is you think I’ve done? The fact that you think your friend is just and I’ve bullied him is extremely hilarious. This guy has torn down so many people on this site and I stood up for them. Go ahead and try to spread your slander and libel all over my account, my followers know the truth and you’re just some guy who thinks he knows what’s going on. Read my blog post and say I’m wrong
  • thecinemaelite@robert_blake_kinski_1984_ link in bio, feel free


It is now July 28 and XXXXX screenshotted this blog post and posted it on his account. Thanks for the advertisement! Unfortunately, he (of course) had some nasty stuff to spew:

Would you look at that, another personal public attack against me. Something about people hurting themselves over things said on the internet? Maybe something about people not knowing somebody on social media? Not judging somebody because that’s detestable? Not making things personal? Throw a dart, you’ll hit something hypocritical. Public defamation, fun stuff.

Also, he posted the image of this blog post and said that it’s dedicated to him. There you have it, he disclosed his own identity: the_media_chillateria_007_

Again, he’s still trying as hard as he can to cyber bully me…

Well as of now, that’s that! Sorry for the lack of professionalism in this post, but I had to include the opposing side’s messages so that everybody can be warned and stay away.

Listen to WSIA if you love racism, homophobia, hypocrisy and demeaning personalities, I guess? Or stay with the Cinema Elite if you want to follow somebody who will stand up for you and respect your opinions (unless you’re condescending to others). As always, thanks for enduring and I’ll see you soon! Peace



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